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What Is The Point?

Started by jbutler, Aug 18, 2019, 07:54 pm

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The idea for this project is to be able to provide as much data as possible from all sources, as efficiently as possible, and to make it available to real-time mapping and visualization tools, for Incident Command and Incident Forensics.

Real-time Operator status, Location status and Situation status visualizations are critical to this project.

Information about hospitals and EOCs and resources and so on are just what we're aiming to include in the ARES Toolkit.

I want the Operators to not even need to think about the details, so they can log whatever they need to log, as fast as they can, with as much pertinent information as they can include ... while excited and confused.

I also want the information the Operators add to be included in the real-time visualization, so the "on the ground" data is handled correctly, and in a timely fashion.

The program definitely includes comms links to send messages efficiently, depending on the recipient's capability.

Phone messaging from external devices are the toughest to log automatically, of course, but email/SMS/VoIP/peer-to-peer messaging from links within the system are trivial to log.

Are there data resources that anyone can point out for me, that would provide things like ambulance source and capacity, bed source and capacity, useful resource contact info, and all of the really desirable data for all of the resources in our area?

The database with all of the info that I've got for this is nicely related. I've scraped together "Location" data, including basic contact info, for about 60 local hospitals and other types of medical providers in the Los Angeles area, and I would love to have many more detailed records for many more resources.

There are already resource management tools for this data in the Toolkit, for admins.

We'll also be needing Operator data and Location Liaison data, for each of the Locations and Resources we include in the system.

Thank you and 73!

James KM6WKA